A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff, Directed by Jeff Perry, Guthrie Theatre 2014      

A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff, Directed by Jeff Perry, Guthrie Theatre 2014



There is, in particular, a terrific performance: as the dapper but lonely Joey, Kelly is a marvel, soft-spoken yet with a tell-tale south side accent, poised yet always making us were of the oversized pistol on his belt, lost but searching for something to make his life livable...Kelly is quiet, contained, compelling. Kelly was pure brilliance." HOW WAS THE SHOW -John Olive 
"Huff’s taut two-hander remains a stellar vehicle for two accomplished actors. Sal Viscuso and Thomas Vincent Kelly are undeniably that."  LA TIMES - Kathleen Foley 
"...Kelly is incredible as Joey. For those of us who grew up in Chicago, his accent is spot on, and his mustache appearance is not a caricature. His emotional performance is so genuine it really feels as though he's reciting his lines from actual experience, for the first time. He is raw, conversational, and such a good- natured teddy bear guy you'll want to leap from your seat and give him a hug."
"Kelly provides the perfect counterbalance, subtly fleshing out Joey's complex relationship with his partner and best friend." LA WEEKLY - Mayank Keshaviah 
"... Kelly brings humanity to the deceptively weaker Joey. They play off each other very well, making it all the more tragic to witness their relationship disintegrating in a series of betrayals."  BLOG CRITIC - Kurt Gardner
GOOD PEOPLE by David Lindsey Abaire, Alliance Theatre Atlanta 2013

GOOD PEOPLE by David Lindsey Abaire, Alliance Theatre Atlanta 2013

"This is one of those rare productions in which everything – script, design, performance, production – come together in a “perfect storm” of theatricality that appeals to the heart, to the head, and to the funny bone. Thomas Vincent Kelly is a Mikey who can simultaneously embrace his roots, even when he’s trying to run away from them.  He has perhaps the most difficult task – making us like him even when he’s being a jerk (which he is fairly often).  Mr. Kelly is also able to sound “un-Southie” when he has to, letting his accent thicken as he grows more comfortable (or angry) with Margie."Atlanta Theatre Buzz

BEDFELLOWS by Chuck Rose, world premiere New American Theatre, Los Angeles 2012

Thomas Vincent Kelly radiates the kind of sincerity, intelligence and charm that recalls the Kennedy mystique” - Los Angeles Times



BELL BOOK AND CANDLE by John Van Druten, Ensemble Theatre Santa Barbara 2012

BELL BOOK AND CANDLE by John Van Druten, Ensemble Theatre Santa Barbara 2012

"Thomas Vincent Kelly is outstanding, wringing every bit of pathos, humor, and excitement from his character’s mad fling with the forces of darkness. On a surface level, this is a comedy of flyting, as in Shakespeare, with the couple exchanging critical witticisms as a form of flirtation. But underneath that surface, powerful emotions roil, and both Kelly and Hawkinson capture it fully." - Santa Barbara Independent 

Opus by Michael Holliger, Ensemble Theatre Santa Barbara 2011

 "Kelly conveys an amusingly laid back Allen." - Ventura County Star
"Kelly keeps his pain close to his chest- we often look to him as a way to judge the proceedings going on around him."  - Santa Barbara News Press



Scenes from the Big Picture by Owen McCafferty, Seanachai Theatre Company Chicago 2008

 "Kelly is especially good as Joe Hynes, the philandering, conflicted union steward at the meat plant." - Chicago Tribune
"Kat McDonnell and Thomas Vincent Kelly are forceful anchors as the childless couple torn by a sense of inadequacy." - Chicago Sun-Times


Mr. Kopert by David Gieselmann, Odyssey Theatere LA

"Kelly is brashly effective as the bullying Bastian, and the scene in which he punches another character in the face- an interlude of "real" violence amid all the "staged" violence- is the most shocking moment in the show."  - Variety 



San Jose Repertory and East/West Players  

"As Eiko's square, white husband, Thomas Vincent Kelly does not fall into the trap of making a boring character seem like a boring performance, nor does he make Raymond a complete caricature. Indeed his earnestness in trying to find a bridge to her cultural heritage makes their doomed new marriage more than just a little bit sad." - Backstage 
"Thomas Vincent Kelly is very appealing as the weedy husband who idolizes his wife just a little too much." - San Francisco




Interact Theatre Company Los Angeles

As the younger adult brother, Happy Loman, Thomas Vincent Kelly, is remarkably present during each moment he has on stage. Though Happy is a confused hedonist, Kelly enables us to peer deeply into this ungrounded guy's heart."                                                                   - Orange County Sun
" Kelly is perfect...He thankfully provides enough likable qualities to make Happy's sleeze at least acceptable...The best of Willie's sons to be seen in a long time."                                        - LA Times



Henry IV Part I

Chicago Shakespeare Company

"Thomas Vincent Kelly doesn't fall for the trap of a stammering over done Hotspur. He does equally well with the poetry and the passion." - The Wall Street Journal
Harry Percy...portrayed as a perfect mix of hero, bully boy and spoiled brat by Thomas Vincent Kelly is Prince Halls foil." - Chicago Tribune
"Hotspur, played with great zest by Thomas Vincent Kelly, who is custom made for the role." - Chicago Sun-Times