Julius caesar is open! 

Sept 7th - Oct. 23rd 2016 - Tom is thrilled to be back on stage at the Writers Theatre playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, adapted and co-directed by Artistic Director Michael Halberstam and ScottParkinson. Click HERE for tickets! 


"…he's not a match for the fire of Thomas Vincent Kelly's Mark Antony. Lacking any trace of the self pitying romantic drunk he was to become, this Antony is at the height of his powers. His speech is hypnotic and awe inspiring." AROUND THE TOWN - Jacob Davis

"Thomas Vincent Kelly’s bluntly sincere Antony seems less a crowd manipulator than a true believer in the greatness that was Caesar: His rousing of the rabble is a force of nature as much as artful propaganda." STAGE & CINEMA - Lawrence Bommer

"Thomas Vincent Kelly stands out in the role of Caesar's friend Mark Antony, whose carefully crafted eulogy for the murdered warrior stirs up a sympathetic response from the crowd." LAKE COUNTY JOURNAL - Tom Witom

"...And that golden boy, Mark Antony with Kelly restrained but eloquent in his long oration that begins with “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES - Hedy Weiss

"…Mark Antony (Thomas Vincent Kelly in a moving performance) delivers the famous lines, "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him…"  SPLASH MAGAZINE - Leanne Star

"…Only to be usurped by Mark Antony, Thomas Vincent Kelly, generously warm..." CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Chris Jones

"...Mark Antony ( the impressive turn by Thomas Vincent Kelly), with a subtle yet moving speech over Caesar’s corpse—beginning with the much-quoted “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears—" CHICAGO CRITIC - Tom Williams    

"A cunning bit of crowd manipulation and political propaganda, courtesy of the adroit, charismatic Kelly." DAILY HAROLD - Barbara Vitello



This two-hander tour de force is back for a run at The Alliance Theatre - Atlanta, September 18, 2015 to October 11.



Tom is excited to return to The Alliance Theatre in A Steady Rain by Keith Huff with Sal Viscuso, directed by Jeff Perry. The show had it's west coast premiere at the Odessey Theatre LA, in the spring of 2014. At the request of Joe Dowling, the production was transferred to the legendary Guthrie Theater in the Fall of 2014.  The incomparable Jeff Perry continues to lead this stellar piece around the country! 

Click to learn more about this exciting production.

Tom recently collaborated with the Abingdon Theatre in New York in May, 2015, reading the new play  Life Expectancy: A Comedy in Three Trimesters, by, Catherine Butterfield. 


"There is, in particular, a terrific performance: as the dapper but lonely Joey, Kelly is a marvel, soft-spoken yet with a tell-tale southside accent, poised yet always making us aware of the oversized pistol on his belt, lost but searching for something to make his life livable... Kelly is quiet, contained, compelling.  Kelly was pure brilliance..."


"Huff’s taut two-hander remains a stellar vehicle for two accomplished actors. Sal Viscuso and Thomas Vincent Kelly are undeniably that."  LA TIMES - Kathleen Foley 

"...Kelly is incredible as Joey. For those of us who grew up in Chicago, his accent is spot on, and his mustache appearance is not a caricature. His emotional performance is so genuine it really feels as though he's reciting his lines from actual experience, for the first time. He is raw, conversational, and such a good- natured teddy bear guy you'll want to leap from your seat and give him a hug."

"Kelly provides the perfect counterbalance, subtly fleshing out Joey's complex relationship with his partner and best friend." LA WEEKLY - Mayank Keshaviah 

"This is enthralling and will stick with you long after you leave the theater, like all good theatre should. There is nothing left to say so get going to the Odyssey before this sells out. If your not completely blown away then please send me a comment so we can have a little talk." - THE LOS ANGELES POST - Rose Desena

"... Kelly brings humanity to the deceptively weaker Joey. They play off each other very well, making it all the more tragic to witness their relationship disintegrating in a series of betrayals."  BLOG CRITIC - Kurt Gardner

"...Kelly portraying Joey...has yet to find a special someone or start a family, but may have his eyes set on someone. A Steady Rain was a great reminder as to why I love theatre; we, the audience, were in a small room watching only 2 men in folding chairs yet by the end of the evening, you could hear a pin drop or people gasping at what they were hearing be revealed." ALONG COMES MARY BLOG - Mary Farquhar

"... know that Huff, Perry, Kelly and Viscuso take you (gently at first) on this rocket ride into a land most of us will never see close up and will be grateful for the ride anyway. This is theatre at its best:  emotional, thoughtful, humorous and very, very sad.  All the elements of good, or even great, art. Go. Stay. Enjoy. And be prepared to weep on the way home."  STAGE HAPPENINGS - Dale Reynolds

"... Kelly's Joey is a more realistic person, the kind of caring Midwesterner who will always put his family first - and although it takes him awhile to find the right person, we know his commitment to her is more secure." BROADWAY WORLD - Shari Barrett

"What stands out beyond the recognizable tale is the crisp, authentic and occasionally poetic dialogue and two extremely fine performances from these two leading men."  ARTS BEAT LA - Pauline Adamek

"Actors Thomas Vincent Kelly and Sal Viscuso masterfully embody the two characters, Joey and Denny.  From dialect to movement, there is no question that the actors are fully equipped." PLAY WRITING IN THE CITY - Armando Huipe 

"Thomas Vincent Kelly and Sal Viscuso get that grating Chicagoan loyalty down to a heartbreaking reality in this dynamic, cop-buddy play gone all kinds of wrong."  TOLUCAN TIMES - Natasia Lewin